Foster Care 101

Our country has specific laws and systems in place designed to protect children and preserve families. This system is generally known as the child welfare system.

A part of the child welfare system, foster care exists to provide temporary care to children while their parents receive the support and services they need.

As of January 2024, there are 3,698 children in foster care in Arkansas. While this number may shock and sadden us, it is important to remember that these children and families are more than numbers. They are neighbors, coworkers, students, family members and friends.

In the document linked below, you will read the stories of children and their families. While names and details have been changed, their stories are real and happening all across the state of Arkansas every day.

The CALL exists to mobilize the local church to care for children and families impacted by foster care. We recruit, train, and support foster families from churches in 75 Arkansas counties, equipping them to love and care for the children, youth and families affected by foster care.

As you read and learn about foster care, allow yourself to be moved beyond sympathy and into action on behalf of these children and youth.

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