Finding Community in Foster Care with Sara Bridges

On this week’s Facebook Live, Sara Bridges joined usual host Ann Book.  Sara and her husband are foster and adoptive parents, as well as serious advocates for the foster and adoptive communities.  Today, she talked with Ann about her own family, her experience in a non-traditional home, why she loves the call, and what she wishes more people understood about foster care.

Sarah and her husband were told early on that they might not be able to have biological children, but God had different plans when he gave them a son who is now 11 years old.  In 2016 they started talking about having another kid, but it would be through alternative routes this time. 

In November of 2017, they went through training with The Call, and in 2018 they received their first placement.  With their son being a bit older, they were hoping to get an older child, but God had other plans again.  In March of 2018, they received their first placement, a two-month-old boy.

The first placement became an adoption, and they later adopted another boy that is a year younger than him.  Now, Sara rounds out her family with another foster child, this time an 8-month old girl. 

When Sara was 4-years old, her aunt and uncle took guardianship of her.  Through this experience, she was able to see the impact of breaking the cycle.  She believes her experiences are living proof of what can happen when you provide for a child in need of a home.  Now, she is passionate about doing the same for a new generation of kids. 

Originally, Sara and her husband became involved with The Call after experiencing difficulty training through the state.  She loves the community that comes with The Call.  It’s not only an organization that provides training, but it continually provides resources through a community of individuals and families dedicated to helping each other.

One thing Sara wishes more people understood about fostering and adoption is that it isn’t as disruptive as many expect.  So many people wait for “the right time” to open their home for foster care, but Sara says that time never arrives.  There will always be something standing in the way, and you never feel ready, but if God is calling you there, He will take care of you.  

Sara’s family are huge advocates for foster and adoptive family support systems.  She knows that not all families are called to open their homes, but she knows that everyone has something to offer.  Whether it is lawn care, handyman work, babysitting, doing laundry, picking up groceries, or cooking dinner, everyone has the opportunity to help in supporting a foster family!

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