How Fostering Affects Bio Kids

One of the most common questions and concerns we get when talking to prospective foster parents is about their biological children. How will this affect them? How will they react? What will they feel? What can we do to make this easy on them?

Today, we want to take a moment to discuss what life is like for a biological child when their family starts bringing in foster children. Ann Book recently went live on Facebook with Emily, her eldest biological child, to talk about this very subject!

Emily is now 17, but she was just five years old when her parents opened their home for foster care. Over the last 12 years, her experience with foster and adopted siblings has had its fair share of ups and downs, but she speaks positively about it.

Welcoming a new foster sibling can be difficult at a moment's notice, but Emily talks about it like it's a slumber party with a new friend. It was sometimes difficult to share her space and toys, but she found herself making plenty of new friends.

When her family first started welcoming foster children into their home, Emily said it sometimes felt like she was losing her parents to another kid. With an open mind and encouragement from her parents, she was able to see the truth and understand that they were helping a child that didn't grow up with the same blessings that Emily did.

Another challenge that biological children encounter is saying goodbye to foster siblings that are returning to their home. Emily says that it isn't as difficult as it used to be. Instagram and Facebook allow her to stay in touch with post foster siblings, and she knows that they moved on to where they were meant to be.

Emily is passionate about foster care and adoption because of her first-hand experience. She's seen how children who are sad and closed off can transform into happy, joyful people when they are given a home that loves them and tells them that they belong.

One of Emily's favorite things about The Call is the community that surrounds it. There is a
large group of foster families that are going through similar experiences and are willing to help each other when they need it.

When asked what she wishes more people understood about foster children, Emily said that foster kids don't look one specific way. Movies and pop culture have painted a picture that all foster children are problematic and troublesome, throwing fits and having large outbursts. This simply isn't true. Foster kids are normal kids, and they are just like your children. They share classrooms with your kids. They eat lunch with your kids. They play with your kids at recess.

Ultimately, Emily knows that foster children are just like her, but many have not grown up with the same blessings and opportunities that she has. They need love, and she is ready to provide it!

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