2019 Annual Report

Executive Director Lauri Currier

Lauri Currier
Executive Director

Leader's Message

p>Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you do what you do? We recently asked our volunteers, donors and staff from across the state why they are investing time, talent and treasure in The CALL. Here’s what they shared…

"God commands me to protect the innocent and bring justice to the fatherless in our midst"
"Every child and teen deserves a family"
"Religion that is pure means caring for the orphan in my community"
"I want to help people in my community understand the plight of the vulnerable children and teens in our own backyard."
"Salvation is found through foster family love."
"Teens in care are often overlooked, so, I educate others about their NEED for foster and adoptive families. They deserve love too!"
"I can’t foster, but I can support those who God calls to be KINGDOM CHANGERS ♥"
"Jesus calls me to show His extravagant love to others!"
"I can make a lifetime of difference, and change future generations."
"Christ called me to serve. He saved me to disciple others."
"The work is not yet complete."

You made it possible for more than 20,000 children and teens to have a foster or adoptive family to help them heal from abuse and neglect and grow strong. I am truly grateful for all our donors, supporting churches and business, and all our volunteers! Let’s celebrate all that God has accomplished through you, His Church, and The CALL.

God bless you!

Executive Director

2019 Financial Information

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Statement of Financial Position

Based on an independent compilation report

Case & Cash Equivalents $1,565,091
Restricted cash  
Accounts receivable $42,105
Prepaid expenses $24,635
Property & equipment, net $222,238
Other assets $2,646
Total assets $1,856,715
Liabilities and Net Assets
Current Liabilities $15,801
Net Assets
Unrestricted $1,757,436
Temporarily restricted $83,478
Total liabilities & net assets $1,856,715

Statement of Activities

Support & Revenues Unrestricted Temporarily restricted TOTAL
County ministry support $247,817   $247,817
Grant income $462,132 $66 $462,198
Donations $936,414 $1,050 $937,464
Fundraising events $623,225   $623,225
Other income $102,557   $102,557
Net assets released from restrictions $2,012 ($2,012)  
Total support and revenues $2,374,157 ($896) $2,373,261
Program services $1,805,002   $1,805,002
Fundraising $155,598   $155,598
Management and general $227,653   $227,653
Total expenses $2,188,253   $2,188,253
Change in net assets $185,904 $896) $185,008
Net assets, beginning of year $1,571,532 $84,374 $1,655,906
Net assets, end of year $1,757,436 $83,478 $1,840,914

Support & Revenue

Funds Available $2,099,184

Individual $728,313

Churches $320,833

Corporations $233,649

Grants/Foundations $141,465

Events $598,726

Other $76,197

Funds Applied $2,099,184

Administrative $29,353

Program Support $1,742,533

Fundraising $158,779

Increase In Net Assets $168,519


Laverne and Burl Arledge In Memory of Maleah Davis

Jennifer Baber In Memory of David Cranford

Matthew and Joanna Benson In Memory of Donna Carle

Bill and Denise Pearson Bethea In memory of Margie Bethea

Greg Bland In Memory of "Baby McCoy"

Faye Breeding In Memory of David Cranford

Bobby and Ann Broach In Memory of Sarah Blue

Ronald Cameron In Memory of Richard Rogers

Don Cark and Jackie Clark In memory of Thomas Paxton

Robert and Ellen Cortez In Memory of Sarah Louise Blue

Mark and Tiffany Crafton In Memory of Jim Lercher

Michael and Tamey Craig In Memory of David Cranford

Regina and Ronnie Efird In Memory of Mike Martin

Phillip and Judy Ellis In Memory of Karen Rogers Brockway

Phillip and Judy Ellis In Memory of Mamie Jo Taylor

Phillip and Judy Ellis In Memory of Pam Pyle

Joy and Carl Freel In Memory of Sarah Blue

Tony and Marcia Gackle In Memory of Richard Rogers

Jeff and Judy Garner In Memory of David Cranford

Phillip and Starla Goad In memory of David Cranford

Dana Gooch In Memory of William Roy Gooch

Rachel Grote In Memory of Richard Rogers

Tiffany Guerrero In Memory of Richard Rogers

Patricia Hillis In Memory of David Cranford

Chlise Hobbs In Memory of Marion Bell Houck

Dale and Sherry Hoggard In Memory of Mr. Dunlap

Terry and Kelly Hooten In Memory of David Cranford

Kathryn Hudson In Memory of Jim Hudson

Marshall and Amy Ipsen In Memory of David Cranford

Brad and Hannah Johnson In Memory of Duke Elliot Johnson

Kathy Jordan In Memory of Ron Muse

Pace and Jodi King In Memory of Sarah Blue

Life & Work Sunday School Class In Memory of Dick Rogers

Market Place Pharmacy In Memory of Sonja McCauley

Diana Marshall In memory of Carl Head

J. Thomas May In Memory of Tom Paxton

Daisy McHenry In Memory of Steven Burks

Judy and Charles Mellenbruch In memory of Christy Bulla

Luke and Carolyn Nivens In Memory of Mike Martin

S.G. Odom In Memory of Thomas Paxton

Pat Page In Memory of Harold Heard

Pat Page In Memory of Sheila Jeffries

Pat Page In Memory of Sheila Noble Jeffries

Amy Pendergist In Memory of David Cranford

Pinnacle Classical Academy Teachers In Memory of David Cranford

Ann Ratcliff In Memory of David Cranford

Lavena Ray In Memory of Steven Burks

Razorback Land Cruisers In Memory of Steven Burks

Karen Rollans In Memory of Richard Lee Sutherland

Kimberly Shirey In Memory of Heather Price

Winston and Annie Sloan In Memory of Dick Rogers

Laura Sparks In Memory of Barbara Herrington

Sutton Lumber In Memory of Joe Maxey

Nicky and Tanya Valls In Memory of Dwight Smith

Rudy and Donna Van Hemert In Memory of David Cranford

Kimberly Vernon In memory of Christy Bulla

Jim and Sherry Watson In Memory of Richard Rogers

Kendall White In memory of David Cranford

Elizabeth Woodruff In Memory of David Cranford


Given by Alexis Alexander In Honor of Catherine Harrell

Given by Melissa and Michael Angtuaco In Honor of Stephen & Alicia Geppert

Given by Harvie and Deborah Attwood In honor of Gary & Gina Young

Given by Jennifer Baugh In Honor of Elizabeth Griffin

Given by Debra Blankley In Honor of Ashleigh Rockhold

Given by Leigh Blythe In Honor of Julie and Tracy Leonard

Given by Jill Bonnema In Honor of Bear's Birthday

Given by Misti and Chad Bonner In Honor of Whitney Scott Photography

Given by Brian Bush In honor of Arthur & Bettye Kerns

Given by Meri Brown In Honor of Mike Zieman

Given by Meri Brown In Honor of Mike Zieman

Given by Chapter CK PEO In Honor of Jill Bobo

Given by Sandra Connor In Honor of Kim Parr

Given by Conway First Baptist Church In Honor of Dale & Betty Anne Wicker

Given by Tim and Sarah Cook In Honor of Elizabeth Griffin

Given by Lynn Corley In Honor of Elizabeth Griffin

Given by Holly Davis and Hal Jeffrey In Honor of Heather Peters

Given by Benjamin Esposito In Honor of John Williams of Grizzly Bay

Given by Seth and Jenna French In Honor of Seth French

Given by Conley and Alex Golden In Honor of Elizabeth Griffin

Given by Grand Avenue Baptist Church In Honor of Ladies Reachout SS Class

Given by James Graves In Honor of Isabella Graves

Given by Glen Grayham In Honor of Jameson Grayham

Given by Jordan Greer In Honor of Cory Stocks

Given by Dena Henry In Honor of Cara Gooch

Given by Katrina Hine In Honor of Becky Shaffer

Given by Phil and Stacey Hobby In Honor of C.H.E.F.

Given by Jordan Johnson Consulting In Honor of Elizabeth Griffin

Given by Charles and Dona Kinslow In Honor of Lauri Currier & Jill Bobo

Given by John and Stephanie Laney In honor of Carl Hear

Given by James McMillan In honor of Miriam & Hailey Felio

Given by Mike and Cathy Meadows In Honor of Karen Hicks

Given by Nancy Meneley In Honor of Terri & Katie Morris

Given by Thusha Nathan In Honor of Grace Nathan

Given by Janet and Glenn Davis In Honor of Elizabeth Griffin

Given by Michelle Nelson In Honor of Cara Gooch

Given by Richard Nolan In Honor of Rodney Stroud

Given by Charles and Kathryn O'Brien In honor of Emily Treadaway

Given by Deanna Odle In honor of Carl Head

Given by Ozark PT Specialists In Honor of Kathy Meinking

Given by Jeremy and April Parker In Honor of Kids Bible Camp

Given by Clay Parton and Linda Pruitt In Honor of Linda Truitt

Given by Angie Peters In Honor of Heather Peters

Given by Heather and Nick Peters In Honor of Julie Eberle

Given by Heather and Nick Peters In Honor of Julie Eberle

Given by Heather and Nick Peters In Honor of Julie Eberle

Given by Christopher Qualls In Honor of Jerry & Tonya Ross

Given by Christopher Qualls In Honor of Jerry & Tonya Ross

Given by Randy and Nancy Rhea In Honor of Elizabeth Griffin

Given by Martin and Patricia Rhodes In Honor of Mary Carol Pederson

Given by Richard and Brenda Robertson In Honor of Bonnie Miears

Given by Richard and Leah Rogers In Honor of Chris Foster

Given by Lori Rousch In Honor of Katie Morris

Given by Leslie Rutledge In Honor of Elizabeth Griffin

Given by Shannon and Billy Shearer In Honor of Cheryl Golden

Given by Erieal Shelton In Honor of God

Given by Smiley Technologies, Inc. In honor of Jane Darnell

Given by Southwest District UMW In Honor of Janis Bremer

Given by John and Grace Steuri In Honor of Doody Keet

Given by Strategic M&A Advisors, LLC In Honor of Robyn & Kyle Allmendinger

Given by Edwin and Tamara Thomas In Honor of Jessica Sterlin

Given by Julie Thompson In Honor of Gerald Driskill

Given by Camyn Vickers In Honor of AYC

Given by James and Susan White In honor of David Cranford

Given by Diane Wilder-Briggs and Porter Briggs In Honor of Elizabeth Griffin

Given by Hardy Winburn In Honor of Carol Meadors

Given by Liza and Jon Wright In Honor of Elizabeth Griffin

Foundation Partners

American Endowment Foundation

Brinkley Foundation

Arkansas Baptist Foundation

Arkansas Community Foundation

Baxley Foundation

Blue & You Foundation

Cabe Foundation

Carter Grace Foundation Inc

Charities Aid Foundation of America

Christian Community Foundation, Inc.

Duke Family Foundation

Eric Scott Bottin Foundation

First Peter 4:7-11 Foundation

Garlinghouse Foundation, Inc.

Generosity Rocks!

Greenland Family Charitable Endowment

Henderson Engineers, Inc. Charitable Foundation

National Christian Foundation (Georgia)

National Christian Foundation Carolinas

Nicholas Giving Fund

Olds Foundation

Phil & Angie Sentell Family Charitable Fund

Philip R. Jonsson Foundation

Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund

The Robert C Englin Foundation

Saint-Gobain Corporation

Spencer Foundation

Sterling Family Foundation

The Roy and Christine Sturgis Charitable and Educational Trust

Ticket To Dream Foundation

Union County Community Foundation, Inc.

Verizon Foundation

Walmart Foundation

Walter O. Caldwell Foundation

Windgate Foundation

Church Partners

Fellowship Bible Church, Little Rock

First United Methodist Church, Heber Springs

Christ the King Catholic Church, Little Rock

Pursuing Christ, Siloam Springs

Holland Chapel Baptist Church, Benton

Shiloh Baptist Temple, Harrison

The River Bible Church, Mountain Home

Prairie Grove Christian Church, Prairie Grove

Immanuel Baptist Church, Little Rock

Christ Community Church, Little Rock

Central Christian Church, Fort Smith

Geyer Springs First Baptist Church,Little Rock

First Southern Baptist Church, Bryant

College Avenue Church of Christ, El Dorado

Lake Valley Community Church, Hot Springs

Village Bible Church, Hot Springs

Maranatha Baptist Church, Nashville

Fellowship North, North Little Rock

First Baptist Church, Glenwood

Caney Missionary Baptist Church, Bismarck

Flatwoods Baptist Church, Mountain View

Wyatt Baptist Church, El Dorado

First Baptist Church, Hot Springs

Five Hundred Millcreek Ministires, Hot Springs

Parkway Place Baptist Church, Little Rock

Grace Baptist Church, Glenwood

Indian Springs Baptist Church, Bryant

New Heights Church, Bentonville

The Church at Rock Creek, Little Rock

First United Methodist Church, Hope

Second Baptist Church, Conway

New Life Church, Magnolia

Liberty Church, El Dorado

First Baptist Church, Heber Springs

National Park Church of Christ, Hot Springs

Mt. Holly Community Church, Mount Holly

St. Andrew's Church, Little Rock

Crosspointe Church,Bryant

Grace Country Church, Nashville

Heber Springs Baptist Church

First Baptist Church-Hope

Fellowship Bible Church, Searcy

Main Street Church of Christ, Yelleville

Midway Missionary Baptist Church, Nashville

Our Lady of the Holy Souls Catholic Church, Little Rock

Knowles Baptist Church, Strong

Sylvan Hills Community Church, Sherwood

Heritage United Methodist Church, Van Buren

Liberty Baptist Church, Mineral Springs

New Life Fellowship Church, Pea Ridge

New Hope Baptist Church, Omaha

Parkers Chapel First Baptist Church, El Dorado

West Side Baptist Church, Greers Ferry

Oaklawn Baptist Church, Hot Springs

Central Baptist Church, Conway

Athens Missionary Baptist Church, Umpire

Black Springs Baptist Church, Norman

Brister Baptist Church,Magnolia

Calvary Baptist Church,Camden

Catalyst Church, Bentonville

Cross Life Church, El Dorado

Damascus United Methodist Church, Damascus

Faith Baptist Church, Dewitt

Fellowship Bible Church, Russellville

Mountain Home Union Church, Pangburn

Mt. Zion General Baptist Church, Bee Branch

Quitman First Baptist Church, Quitman

Scotland Baptist Church, Scotland

Trinity Baptist Church, Alma

University Baptist Church, Fayetteville

Grace Community Church, Fort Smith

Capps Full Gospel Church, Harrison

St. Joseph Catholic Church, Conway

Eagle Heights Baptist Church, Harrison

Apostolic Christian Center, Benton

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, Heber Springs

Cornerstone Bible Fellowship, Sherwood

Christian Lighthouse Church, Drasco

Mountain Top Cowboy Church, Heber Springs

A Place of Meeting, Hope

Averys Chapel Church, Mc Caskill

Bridge International Corp/CC Nueva Esperanza, Glenwood

Crosses Community Church, Elkins

Dayspring, Hot Springs

Fellowship Bible Church, Conway

First Christian Church, Harrison

First Presbyterian Church, Greers Ferry

Friendly Chapel Flame, Inc., North Little Rock

Grace Church, Dennard

Lonoke Baptist Mission & Education, Hope

Patterson Baptist Church, Patterson

Story Church of God, Story

Murphy Baptist Church, Norman

First Baptist Church, Nashville

St. Mary's Catholic Church, Arkadelphia

New Life Baptist Church, Alexander

Union Baptist Church, El Dorado

Bethel # 1 Missionary Baptist Church, Rison

Graves Memorial Baptist Church, North Little Rock

New Hope Baptist Church, Yellville

First Baptist Church, Harrison

First Assembly of God, North Little Rock

Grand Avenue Baptist Church, Hot Springs

Chastain Chapel Baptist Church, Tumbling Shoals

Greater Second Baptist Church, Little Rock

Presbyterian Women, Hot Springs

Hope Lutheran Church, Heber Springs

Western Grove Bible Church, Western Grove

Yellville United Methodist Church, Yellville

Union Baptist Church, Harrison

Garrett Memorial Baptist Church, Hope

Foundation Baptist Church, Texarkana

Branch First Baptist Church, Branch

First Assembly of God Church, Heber Springs

First Baptist Church of Eagle Mills, Camden

Foothills Bible Church, Heber Springs

Heritage Baptist Church, Gravette

Park Place Baptist Church, Bryant

South Side Baptist Church, Damascus

Southwest District UMW, Horatio

Central Baptist Church, Prescott

Freewill Baptist Church, Plainview

Brush Creek Baptist Church, Springdale

First Baptist Church, Western Grove

First Assembly of God Church, Eld Dorado

First Assembly of God, Mountain Home

New Life Assembly, Monticello

Believers Fellowship of the Assemblies of God, Belleville

Church, Benton

Church On The Rock, Texarkana

Church on the Rock, Yellville

Diocese, Little Rock

First Baptist Church, North Little Rock

First United Methodist Church , Conway

First United Methodist Church, Mountain Home

Friendship Methodist Church, Friendship

Greenbrier United Methodist Women, Greenbriar

Keypoint Church North, Bentonville

Marble United Baptist Church, Huntsville

McArthur Assembly of God, Jacksonville

Providence Missionary Baptist Church, Hope

First Baptist Church, Benton

Sugarloaf Baptist Church, Heber Springs

First Baptist Church, Crossett

Temple Baptist Church, Searcy

Holiday Hills United Methodist Church, Greers Ferry

The Man Church, Patterson

Northvale Baptist Church, Harrison

Bethany Missionary Bapitst, White Hall

Bodcaw Baptist Church WMA, Rosston

Bruce Memorial/Avery's Chapel United Methodist Church, Blevins

CareCenter, Mountain Home

Chenal Valley Baptist Church, Little Rock

St. Andrews Catholic Church, Yellville

The Grove Church, Fayetteville

Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, Siloam Springs

First Baptist Church, Bull Shoals

McJester Baptist Church, Pangburn

Immanuel Baptist Church, El Dorado

Pleasant Ridge General Baptist, Drasco

Bear Creek Springs Baptist Church, Harrison

Amity United Methodist Church, Amity

Salem Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, Amity

Washington United Methodist Church, Washington

Assembly of God, Yellville

Benton First United Methodist Church, Benton

Center Point Missionary Baptist Church, Nashville

Evangel Temple, Fort Smith

First United Methodist Church, El Dorado

Unity Baptist Church, Waldron

Calvary Baptist Church, Benton

First Baptist Church, Magnolia

New Hope Baptist Church, Dardanelle

Norfork United Methodist Church, Gassville

First Lutheran Church, Benton

Brownsville Baptist Church, Drasco

Citygate, Heber Springs

Cross Point Cowboy Church, Nashville

Fairview United Methodist Women, Camden

Grace Hills Church, Bentonville

1st Assembly of God Church, Greers Ferry

Holmes Chapel Presbytierian Church, Monticello

Morton Baptist Church, McCrory

New Liberty Baptist Church, Emmet

Pencil Bluff First Baptist Church, Pencil Bluff

St. Francis Episcopal Church, Heber Springs

Sunny Slope Baptist Church. Edgemont

United Methodist Women of Salem UMC, Benton

Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church, Mountain View

Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Camden

Grace Christian Fellowship, Crossett

Ozark Baptist Church, Inc., Bergman

First Presbyterian Church, Yellville

The Church of the Redeemed, Pangburn

Christ of the Hills. United Methodist Women

Fellowship Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Mountain Home

Hopper Church of Christ, Caddo Gap

Longley Baptist Church, Little Rock

New Hope Baptist Church WMA, Hope

Pindall Church of Christ, Pindall

Pine Bluff Community Church,Saint Joe

Prairie Grove Church of God, Story

St. John United Methodist Church, Hope

Vesper Society Redeemer Lutheran Church, Mountain Home

Parkview Baptist Church, Batesville

Saltillo Heights Baptist Church, Vilonia

Rising Star Baptist Church, Hope

Southside Baptist Church, Heber Springs

St. Albert's Catholic Church, Heber Springs

United Methodist Women, Bull Shoals

Lexington Baptist Church, Clinton

Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church, Little Rock

Rogers Christian Church, Rogers

First Baptist Church, Amity

St Paul United Methodist, El Dorado

United Methodist Women, Heber Springs

First Presbyterian Church, Hope

Bethel Sunday School Class, Benton

Burlington Womens Fellowship, Omaha

Conway's First Baptist Church, Conway

Everlasting Gospel Pentecostal, Hot Springs

Life & Work Sunday School Class,Heber Springs

Mt. Ida First United Methodist Church, Mt. Ida

Norphlet United Methodist Church, Norphlet

P.G.U.M.C., Hot Springs

Piney Grove Meth.Church Believers, Hot Springs

The Apostolic Christian Center, Benton

Village United Methodist Church, Hot Springs Village

Oak Park Baptist, Little Rock

John Eoff Sunday School Class, Harrison

West Side Baptist Church, El Dorado

Bethel Baptist Church, Mena

Fellowship Bible Church, Harrison

Fairfield Bay Baptist Church, Fairfield Bay

Grubb Springs Baptist Church, Harrison

Life Line Baptist Church, Little Rock

Rosary Altar Society, Mountain View

Friendship Baptist Church, Sherwood

Victory Missionary Baptist Church, Sherwood

First Baptist Church, Clinton

First United Methodist Church, Harrison

Northvale Baptist Church, Harrison

Bethel Baptist Church, Oppelo